Vinyl Siding

We don’t like to paint either! Spending summers in high school scraping paint off of barns all day can do that to a person!  Seriously though, we are all busy and finding time to take care of painting the wood on the outside of your home rarely happens when it should. We see the result, wood damage and expensive repairs.

We can cover almost all of the exposed wood surfaces of your home with vinyl siding on the walls, vinyl soffit in the overhangs, and custom bent aluminum around the windows, doors, and behind the gutter on the fascia board. Custom bent, window and door caps with built in J channel provide a neater, more attractive and weather tight installation.

We are one of the few companies in the area that take the time and extra step to install these custom window and door caps.

High quality materials from Alside, Crane, Mastic and more will provide the protection your walls need and free up your summer for fun instead of painting. Siding colors are available in an ever expanding array of colors. Multiple textures of wood grains and imitation Cedar Shakes create an extremely realistic look that you never need to scrape, paint, stain, or seal.

Let the highly trained and experienced installers at Scott Steepleton Construction LLC. provide the highest quality installation available. Contact us for a free estimate.